Week 9 // Progression

This week was a week of frustration, which was to be expected given that this was a large group task and we all had many different ideas we wanted to execute and time was creeping up on us. A few of us were frustrated in how no clear content or concept was agreed upon thus far, and this resulted in a jumbled attempt to scramble together some sort of meaning for this presentation for the week.

Most of our work for this week was being worked on by one person while the rest of us were left unsure with what we should do – as the surfaces we intended to present our text onto weren’t working adequately so we searched for other ways – and other surfaces – to present onto. This resulted in a carpet or two being made into ‘mountains’ with sheets as snow coming off it, and a mannequin’s head with a projection of over her face along with Trump’s tweet from the first week regarding global warming. We did this with no clear meaning behind it, and ended up piling together objects hoping an idea would come to mind. What we decided on was, “The woman (mannequin head) has died due to global warming.”


This week’s work.

We didn’t have a concept this week, and it was a step back in progress for us. We received mostly negative feedback which was to be understood, however it was discouraging and we weren’t sure where to go from there given our group was so large and we didn’t have any clear ideas that we all felt strongly toward.

Upon recommendation, our group split up slightly and two people decided to work individually, so were were left with people who had a similar idea as opposed to so many different ones trying to be executed at once. Hopefully next week we will be able to work on something we all enjoy doing, and it will show in the final presentation.


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