Week 8 // Pitching ideas

This week we focused on each of our ideas and brainstormed how we could incorporate them into the one bigger idea, while still individually adding to it with our own strengths and knowledge. We were encouraged to research last week into what we would like to present, for example, artworks and artists similar to what we wanted to do or say. Everyone in our group had many different ideas among their research, which proved difficult to make into one.

What was eventually created was a recreation, or attempted appropriation of Nota Bene’s, “In order to control.” This work is a digital experience, an interactive artwork and during this week we wanted to incorporate this interactivity in our presentation. Bene’s idea behind the work is to make comment on ethics and morality, which prompted our use of a copyright law in our recreation.

Project mapping was used to involve the audience to interact with the work, much like what was done by Nota Bene. Though we were all quite unfamiliar with projection mapping, so the work didn’t really reach our standards given the time frame we had to work with – there wasn’t enough time to research how to use projection mapping, so this is something we will have to work on outside of class. As opposed to last week, where we had a clear political statement, this week the use of copyright law and commentary on ownership was a different statement, we would again like to experiment with more surfaces.


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