Week 7 // Expressing digitality

This week was the first week of coming up with ideas for our group project, it mostly consisted of ideas being thrown around and nothing too solid forming, however by the end of this class we all had a vague idea of where we were going to head in terms of direction with our project. There were five categories in which we could choose to base our work on, these were:

  • expressing digitality ( textuality and expression )
  • variable materiality ( materials and immaterial process )
  • multi-sensory interaction ( light, shadows and displacement )
  • (re)configuring space and time ( storytelling through sound, image and interaction )
  • generativity, difference and repetition ( algorithm and reproductability )

We decided to focus on the category of expressing digitality, as we all wanted to work with text and expression.  When we first started to throw ideas around, the popular theme we mostly wanted to focus on was text and it’s relationship with society. Such as big statements and small words in public spaces with meaning like sculptural pieces done by Jenny Holzer, and she was the first artist we as a group took inspiration from. Analysing a few of her works – and the ideas and meaning she held behind a lot of them – helped us to build a somewhat scaffold of what we would like to say within our final work and how we would like to project these ideas.


Jenny Holzer artwork ( source here )

I also mentioned Robert Montgomery’s artworks when we were throwing around ideas, as he is a modern conceptual artist who focuses on textual expression through more digital methods such as led lights, though this never really caught the attention of the other group members. Our question for what we wanted to present for this week was, “What are we trying to say? What words do we want to put out there for people to look at?”


Robert Montgomery artwork ( source here )

We first looked at commentary on young people in societal institutions like university, such as quotes from 13 Reasons Why and then we started drifting toward commentary on more political issues, which prompted us to look at tweets from Donald Trump. This was the first part of our interaction with political irony within our work. We decided to use this tweet, and when we presented the tweet on the wall, we made the president’s title small as though to evoke curiousity in our audience. We wanted them to see the large tweet and move forward to see what the smaller text said, who would say something so ridiculous? We decided to write ‘The President of the United State’s of America” as opposed to Donald Trump, just to put emphasis on how ridiculous the whole thing is.


This weeks presentation done by us.

We realised upon presenting this that people had better eyesight than we had imagined, and people could see the font perfectly from afar and it would have looked better much smaller. Next week, we would like to focus on working with different surfaces, as we presented over a wall. We would like to alter the text over more surfaces to see what looks best. We would also like to make a statement within our work, as it is focusing on expression, however we are still unsure of what we would like to say.


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