Week 15 & 16 // Final development and presentation.

While we as a whole group did not come to class for these two weeks, we heavily communicated online and shared our developments that way so we could constantly stay in touch with what needed to be done and when. We were also able to bounce knowledge off each other during this time, such as sharing of photoshop tutorials which were crucial in the ability to create content for the final work.

The projection and placement were the most nitty-gritty and time consuming parts which we discovered would be the case a few weeks ago when we first started experimenting with projection, though perfect placement was an issue we as a group were able to overcome. Our ‘advertisements’ were played in a loop, much like normal, digital-style advertisements would on a billboard, and we kept to our original imagery which was refined during these final few weeks to convey our statement on consumerism and feminism/anti feminism in advertising.


Our final work.

The images were a strong representation of the media, and were inspired by artists Barbara Kruger – as mentioned in previous weeks – and the format of Natalie Nelson’s illustrations.

Artistic group work was something new for me, as I generally prefer to work individually as I like to have control. However, I enjoyed this project when it was in it’s final stages and things were coming together as it was interesting to collaborate our work into one and come up with something that was a strong statement of what we as a group felt passionately about.


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