Week 13 & 14 // further experimentation

We had a good understanding of our concept this week and how we wanted to present it, so we begun this class by working on how to build on these ideas without straying too far from the original plan – like we did in week 9. While discussing feminism and advertising, the thought of sexism and it’s prevalence in advertising came up. While there is still a fair amount of sexism in advertising in the media in 2017, there is also an ever-growing new ‘trend’ of female empowerment in advertising.

We decided we would focus on older advertising such as the 1920’s ‘vintage’ adverts which would have usually been found in newspapers or magazines. Our intention was to look back on how things were, and how things are now and make an obvious and ironic comparison between the two. We wanted to prompt people to ask questions such as, “Is that even a real advertisement?” When looking at the older ones, as they are rather comical how blatantly sexist they were allowed to be, this was something that was kept in mind when finding advertisements to place in the billboards. We also decided to use the old sexist advertisements with people who are affiliated with female empowerment of some sort, which can be seen below in one of the images I was working on using Beyonce.


We are all actively engaged in this project, and we all would like a good and received outcome which is encouraging when we are creating this work. We do need to work on some of our knowledge, especially regarding skills such as photoshop, though we still have some time before we have to present this work to work on it. We decided to make the billboard-like screens into a ‘V’ shape as it wasn’t working adequately how we had imagined (the parallel, train tunnel-like look). Though this worked in our favour more than we imagined, as it was a constant loop of advertisements beside each other which still conveyed the constant overflow of advertising in the media and in society. It was true to the idea that we cannot possibly know what to believe, as there is so much out there and so much information to take in at once.

During week 14, we focused on perfecting our content and our photoshop skills for the final piece.


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