Week 11 & 12 // Jamming and reviewing ideas

We decided we liked the responses – both in the group and from other people viewing our work – of last week’s presentation and we decided to build upon the idea of political feminism commentary. As a group we decided we would like to work with basic imagery and bold, simple text statements that hold meaning with what we are trying to say. Especially considering we now understand what it is we would like to be making a statement about through our work.

We came up with a rather clear idea this week ( week 11 ), of how we would like to present our final work, this involved the use of billboards to mimic a cityscape-style train tunnel, plastered with in-your-face advertising. The idea was to use two boards, parallel to each other and have a constant flow of projected advertisements on each one, with another projection of a city at the end of this to show that it was a city and a train tunnel. This was to represent how easily advertising and feminism/anti-feminism can reach people’s attention.


This weeks work ( week 11 )

Purple was used as a central colour in this week’s presentation work, as it represents the colour of equality and touches on our consistent underlying theme of irony, as what is shown in these images is definitely not a reference to positive equality.

During week 12, we again took reference from Barbara Kruger’s work and ideas. Themes strong in her work are consumerism and feminist statements, something we really wanted to make comment on. The themes in her work were important to us and what we wanted to say in our work, so we took a lot of inspiration from her.  We each provided images for the billboard-like advertisements so we could have a clear idea of what it would look like for the final presentation, and what we needed to work on. Below are a couple of the ‘advertisement-style’ pieces I created using photoshop.


Excerpts of this week’s work


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