Week 10 // Barbara Kruger.

This was a good week for us, as we were left with people who had similar ideas in what we wanted to convey in the final project. Some of us wanted to focus on political views in reference to feminism and this was a focus that I easily adapted to, and began looking forward to ways in which we could present these strong ideas to our audience. We referred to Barbara Kruger’s works of political message in black and white, with red background-text in a newspaper style, which most importantly always held a strong message.


Barbara Kruger works, image sources ( here ) and ( here

Barbara Kruger communicates with her audience on topics such as feminism and politics and sends her strong messages through her work with such simplistic words, however they so clearly convey the messages she is trying to send. This is what we wanted to do with our final work, we wanted to send a message in a simple way while making it obvious that there is so much more meaning behind what the work looks like.


This weeks work, which was presented in a looping presentation.

We used controversial public figures such as Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull in this weeks presentation. Our intention was to be ironic, with the words in which these people are not – such as ‘ally’ for Tony Abbott, who is against same sex marriage and is definitely not a LGBTQ+ ally – plastered over their mouth. This was done with several figures, and the words we presented them with did not represent their famous views – apart from Trump. This was a positive week for us, as we wished to build further on statements such as these and working with new forms of typography and imagery.


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