Wk 10 / Open shut them, open? shut them.

To put it simply, there are open and closed platforms for users and even if the terms aren’t common; you probably use on or the other or even both every single day. For example, Apple is a closed source as it limits the generatively in it’s users who are unable to involve themselves in the creativity of the technology as much as they would be with say, Android (a generative network) which allows it’s users to modify it’s applications and more ‘freedom’ in a broad sense as opposed to Apple which ‘controls’ and it’s users generally have to go through the app store for the functionality of the technology.


The internet is a generative platform, one which was actually released in an incomplete form to audiences and users with the intention of figuring out the issue when it arose, and it mainly focuses on users and how they interact with it to determine it’s usability. It’s ‘open’ form is something unusual compared to technologies people would have been used to before the internet, such as cars. However it was adapted to rather quickly despite it’s user-led basis of understanding, is it because users felt they were much more free to do what they pleased with the unfinished product of the internet? If that were the case, then why is Apple still the most popular technology – even with it’s closed source?



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