Wk 8 / I’m a pirate, argh me hearties.

Copyright, copy copy copy. Were you aware there was a time copyright actually wasn’t there? Hard to believe right?  It’s almost amusing to think about all the arguments that must have been had over who owned what when there were no laws to decide on it. However this could have even been a better time, as Lawrence Lessig once said copyright is, “laws that strangle curiosity.”

When I think about this quote, it becomes more and more truthful. For example, I have linked below a Youtube video I made in my spare time – however I wouldn’t have been able to monetize (earn money) off it if I hadn’t used a standard, copyright free song like I did. My opinion? It’s a food video, so I think the song doesn’t make it suffer to much. However, if it was a travel diary or vlog, other songs could make it more creative though there are simply too many restrictions and copyright laws on many songs.

There is so much copyright, and so many versions of it that it becomes difficult to know what is and what isn’t copyrighted. For example, if you’ve been on piratebay you’ve probably already pirated, duh. Copyright is there to protect artists and creativity, and a lot of people are desensitised to that fact due to the ease in ignorance. So how do you really know if you’re pirating?


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