Wk 7 / Picass-n0

Homage, plagiarism, appropriation, copying but where is the line drawn? I’m going to refer back to artworks for examples on this one. In my HSC art class, we were taught time and time again to appropriate. “Appropriate, find an idea you like, appropriate it and then talk about how you appropriated in your artist’s statement.”

I thought this


“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Pablo Picasso. I did just that, and remixed one of Picasso’s artworks to create new using photoshop. img source

was weird how we were encouraged to take someone’s ideas as a base for our own –  since it was also drilled into us at this stage that plagiarism is bad – especially when we got to uni. We form the line ourselves between what is stealing, what is appropriation and what is borrowing and determine what is right and wrong, allowed or not. Though when it comes to saying what that line is – I can’t think of any example.

Remixing involves using something old and something new and mixing it together to create a new thing. This could also involve using someone else’s works as a basis, or an inspiration with obvious reference to the prior work. Most commonly, remix is found in song and people are familiar with it, but only parts of it. Such as when hearing a song on the radio – you may thing you’ve never heard it before – that it’s new. Upon listening more, it’s familiar and this could cause annoyance. Like you’ve been fooled. Then comes the question at hand of, where is the line? What is too far and how do I make sure I don’t cross it?

Remixing is an art, remixing an art form to create another art is even better.










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