Wk 6 / People won’t listen to ‘me’, but they might listen to ‘meme’.

When I think about the election of 2016 – it all just seems like a huge meme to me – a big joke. That’s exactly what the initial meaning of a meme was; a joke. Now a meme is used to sway opinions both unintentionally and intentionally, and there are many arguments that the memes regarding Trump running for president actually swayed a lot of the votes in his favour. Meme’s have a way of sticking in people’s minds, being memorable – kind of of like a political poster however the audience generally does it.


image source: here 

This is meme warfare, and an easy way to explain this is the memes that came out about Trump vs. Clinton in the pre-election and the bias’ and sides people had behind the memes. Meme’s aren’t always ‘fun’ and they can be used for less light-hearted purposes now such as mocking, bullying, and even more ‘sinister’ ideals such as swaying a presidential election. Can you imagine, a world where a photo with a couple of words on it can sway people’s point of views? It’s a becoming world, that’s for sure. Memes have the power.

Here, I have recorded my boyfriend – an avid meme viewer – responding to pre and post election memes & here and here are the videos he watched.




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