MEDA301 week 5 – researching.



Robert Montgomery (source)

I hadn’t done a lot of researching into what I wanted to do for my next media arts project, however I did think back toward other people’s project that had intrigued me. When I say ‘other people,’ I’m referring to popular artists whose works I have come across on Pinterest and Tumblr – sites that are some of the most difficult to find sources and artist names on. Eventually I found wall texts and typographic sculptures, mostly with led lights to form words of poetry in the instance of Robert Montgomery’s work, or more simplistic in the forms of black text on a wall – more two dimensional than 3D – in the forms of Lawrence Weiner’s work. Interestingly enough I found that these two artists relate to Jenny Holzer’s artworks too, an artist who uses provocative phrases to make a political message through her works.


Lawrence Weiner (source)

She also incorporates the bold mediums Robert Montgomery has inspired from her and the simple, to the point but still-somehow-complex works of Weiner. Weiner uses different manipulation of font to send his message and themes to readers, the vehicle for his thoughts sometimes in shapes and whimsical or sentences regarding actions – other times just monotonous colours and short words. Weiner’s work is intended to provoke an audience to use their imagination, his works are generally not physically complex, thought the meanings of them can be physically interpreted and twisted to how a viewer looks at it.


Jenny Holzer (source)

While Robert Montgomery does reference Lawrence Weiner’s use of black and white vinyl on gallery walls in some of his artworks, his primary and most popular art form is the use of billboards where advertisements are usually found. This is a smart commentary without him having to say too much, however the poetry that is usually found in these letters is something that makes it’s own social commentary and that is exactly his intention. I would like to do something similar to these ideas and uses of materials for my upcoming project, and hopefully build off the values and ideas buried in these works and come up with my own ideas and themes from them regarding other things.



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