MEDA301 Week 6 – proposed project

I don’t have a succinct idea of exactly what I would like to do with this project, however I do have several small ideas in my mind that could be further worked on to come up with something rich in theme and something that is pleasing for the eyes. I have ideas that relate to digitalising the material – so the most predominant challenge is figuring out how to materialise the digital – while still making it interesting. It’s difficult to capture audience’s attentions and this has to be something intriguing.

My idea makes reference to the artworks and art forms of Lawrence Weiner, Robert Montgomery & Jenny Holzer who have all made artworks using typographic sculpture’s to create a vehicle and drive their views through these to an audience – some obvious and some not so obvious – leaving it up to the audience to interpret. The work I would like to create is somewhat similar, though not so three-dimensional as the works they create, as it will be presented in a gallery and space constraints means that I need to narrow my idea down so it fits around everything else. For example, I can’t create huge billboards so a more logical way to present my idea would be through sketching images and text on walls, hand-drawing and use of textures such as vinyl and masking tape to create thought-provoking words and sentences for my audience to interact with.

I would like the theme of my work to be something that makes people think, something small that proposes big ideas such as a singular word made up of several different things. Robert Montgomery uses his own poetry to make comment on issues he is passionate about, however I have done my own research through old family libraries and found poetry books with beautiful quotes that I could manipulate and turn into new words, ones that may make comment on modern society. Namely the lack of attention span in today’s society, and the use of one word is meant to encourage people to speak – to crowd together and stop to look in a way that may be ironic as it’s words that get people together. Much like the Internet, but because people are so consumed by technology nobody stops to look. This is what I would like to make comment on through these sculptural-text works while still making it something that is pleasing to look at – something that makes an audience want to look closer.


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