MEDA301 week 4 – Opportunities.


I first became interested in not only this field of study, but this field as a career path because I worked with my cousin for a short period of time in Brisbane where she was working for Made4Media. She’s not at a much higher position in a multi-national media company – and while I wouldn’t call her my hero I would call her my mentor. Many of the things that I learned about the media industry and advertising before I started university were when I was working for this company on work experience which involved movie premieres, sampling of movie soundtracks and social media managing. I feel as though if it were ever necessary, this could help me get a foot in the door – even though I would like to try on my own first, just like she did. I’m consciously aware that there are more media advertising jobs in Melbourne than there are in Sydney, just like there are more potential jobs for me in Sydney than there are Wollongong – this would mean I would have to do some relocation or commuting if I truly am dedicated to what I want to do. I feel as though I definitely am, and if it means I have to start at the bottom as a receptionist for a media company, I will do that too.

I have opportunities in a few fields as I have a certificate in Information Technology, high knowledge of html coding and arts. I have also done work helping my mum with receptionist duties at her work, so I’m aware of those responsibilities too and would be willing to incorporate any of these skills into potential opportunities such as working for a technology company such as Apple at a lower level and working my way up with use of my Information technology skills. It’s a fair amount different than film advertising – though still something that I am interested in. The field in which I want to work in has marketing managers, social media managers, executive producers, producers, creators, PR managers and so much more – I would be willing to do any of these roles if it meant I was working for film advertising in the film industry as it’s something I am incredibly interested in.

While I haven’t been given jobs directly based upon my experience working with my cousin in a media company – I have had people from higher levels than I am in this field express interest in what I did there and how I could potentially use that in my future studies and job application. My cousin got where she is exactly how I did, however I made an effort to study two majors – Digital Media & Marketing and Advertising – just so I have an extra advantage in case I don’t find jobs in one field. However if that were ever the case, I would work my way up so that the two can correlate in a profession for myself.







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