Wk 5 / News.com? Pft, I’d rather my sources from Facebook.


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Citizen journalism, rather ironically I just read an article on a missile that landed in the Japanese sea from North Korea – a cause for concern as I’m travelling to Japan in June. However, this article which was published by a legacy media source wasn’t one I immediately trusted so I sought an honest point of view and looked at the trending twitter tags for Japan, and then proceeded to search the Japan tag to see if there was really anything going down that I should be worried about.

Citizen journalism is the increased ability for us as audiences to move from our familiar, passive view to an active one where we are able to utilise modern technologies and social media to project our point of view and opinions to other audiences. This user-led form of ‘journalism’ is something that we see everyday now without even realising, and is quickly becoming a source of news we subconsciously rely on. Online users are becoming empowered by their ability to tell their versions of the news, even more so when people are actually listening. This post here that you’re reading; this is even a form of citizen journalism.