The boulevard of broken memes


Glitchy art makes me nervous, it always has – and I’m pretty sure that’s because I’m a ‘perfectionist’ – I need to understand everything that’s going on at all times. Which is why I find it pretty ironic that I decided to study digital media, because the Internet is about the same wavelength of being entirely figured out as the afterlife is. It’s confusing, a concept that nobody is going to be able to understand because we are constantly being thrown new mediums and new meanings to things through different platforms.

Glitch art for an example is to use the concept that has long been there even before technology – artists like Picasso and Klimt using aesthetically pleasing distortions in their paintings to evoke feeling in their audiences. In the case of broken or glitchy artwork, it is a feeling of nostalgia; though that’s not always clear. It’s a deciphered opinion on what the message of glitchy art is, just like this blog post is a deciphered post on what the lecture was trying to show us.


created using

Albert Borgmann has mentioned through his theories that, “Technological wizardry such as the internet renders reality invisible.” Which is quite true, when it comes to the Internet and it’s broadness and accepted brokenness it’s difficult to consider what we are seeing through a medium, what we are being told and what the message is inside of it. He also believes technology should be used to serve us, not as a craft. I’m not sure I agree, even if glitch art makes me uncomfortable. A glitch and the internet is something you can’t understand – like a secret within technology and that’s probably why people are so drawn to it.

Here’s a glitch art video meme to lighten the mood, shall we?

Kratos Shooting Star Meme from Art’cane on Vimeo.


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4 thoughts on “The boulevard of broken memes

  1. teafort says:

    Hey Lily, I totally agree with you, glitch art makes me nervous and how imperfect it is. Your blog is really interesting and you’ve explained glitch art really well. It could be improved by adding hyperlinks to Albert Borgmann so if people do not know who he is they can gain understanding.


  2. katebailey273 says:

    Hey Lily! I understand where you are coming from when you say that this style of artwork makes you nervous; how a technical error can actually be seen as a form of creativity and craftsmanship. However, I actually think the glitch is a cool concept and I commend the innovation of the people who have endeavoured to make this into something completely unique. I thought your links to Picasso and Klimt added an additional element of depth to your argument, and also commend your addition of the proposition by Albert Borgmann in contrast with your own personal opinion to offer a broader scope of insights on the matter. To improve your post, I would perhaps offer a general introduction to the concept of material to digital transformation and how this movement has influenced processes such as glitch art to become ‘a thing’ more or less. The inclusion of hyperlinks may also be of benefit to allow your audience to further understand your key points and follow your ideas more fluently.


  3. serenaharbor says:

    I really enjoyed your take on glitch art and linking it to most classic artists, therefore demonstrating very clearly the evolution that’s occurring in our society, I think to make blog even better would be to add some hyperlinks to the artists and more examples , or even links to places where to readers can get more information of the topics you’ve discussed , these links can also make your blog more plausible. But overall I really enjoyed the set out of your blog and the examples that you have included. If you’d like to read more about how technology is changing craft and art here is a useful link :


  4. brittroseblog says:

    Hi lily, I’m the same too, I swear I get ocd everytime I see glitch art. Really interesting post, I really enjoyed your examples of Picasso and Klimt. This could be enhanced with hyperlinks as there are so many ways in which we can interpret their art. Awesome blog!


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