MEDA301 week one – Finding your practice.


example of my photoshop skills

What is practice? Practice is something that keeps us motivated, focused and trained in something we are passionate about or something we need to know about. Practice is how we do things, in a professional, cultural way or in a way of code. Theory is a way in which we can embark in our practice, we have a theory of how things will work, and we practice based on theory – Therefore theory relates to practice in this manner. When it comes to creativity and the creation of things, it is something that I am passionate about and something I practice in my spare time for entertainment – and something I hope to pursue professionally.

Working on Photoshop and movie-making applications, I begin to get a feel of what I would like to do in terms of film advertising – a career path I intend to pursue. However, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro aren’t something I am entirely familiar with, so this is something I have to work through in order to become better and knowledgeable of the physical attributes of these applications. In order to become more eloquent in the field of film advertising, I need to practice and then eventually become a practitioner in this field. Particularly as this is a field that will be constantly evolving, I will always need to practice. My main goal and focus is film advertising, however other job titles that may arise to get me to this position are film director’s assistant, film director, advertising editor, social media editor, film PR manager. These are sub-fields within this practice and all require different levels of expertise in media, marketing and film practices.

This isn’t an emergent field as a whole, however there are new ways to promote films that are emergent or that don’t even really exist yet. This is what I would like to do for a career path – I would like to focus on the areas of this field that are not yet emerged. The film advertising field is an innovative field that requires knowledge, attention to detail and creativity as it focuses on entertaining people – and with more and more of similar content being thrown into the media world, it’s difficult to peak and hold people’s interest. The way in which to do that is film advertising – film trailers, posters, merchandise to encourage people to consume what you are offering.

I have worked on the movie premiere in the gold coast for The Hobbit 2 premiere, and helped manage some of their social media at made4media with my cousin during my time there, this is what has helped me realise I would like to pursue film and advertising as a duo. I was responsible for social media hype, music for the film/soundtrack and movie paraphernalia distribution/premiere decorating during the premiere and I would like to be a part of something similar again.