Is there danger in the internet of things?


We have all heard about the idea of virtual reality, augmented reality and how we can find new ways to ‘live’ in a technical world. These ideas are becoming less and less of a concept, and more of an actual reality due to the ‘Internet of Things.’ This explores the way in which everything is connected and can process data without having to have human to computer interaction. Ideally, this makes things easier for people as it requires less physical effort.

However, there is a darker side to this connected network, as the security on these systems isn’t always strong. Where have we already gone with the Internet of things? I look around my room and I can immediately find my Xbox Kinect with a sticker over the camera. This is my own paranoia, prompted by watching the movie ‘Ratter’ – which was based on true stories – where a malicious stalker watches a girl through all of her cameras by hacking them. This is only an example of how these new networks are lacking in privacy and security – and it brings concern about how far we will actually go into the Internet of things, without considering our own privacy first.


Chuang, T. (2016). Don’t let your Internet of Things home go to the dark side – The Denver Post. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Oct. 2016].

Hughes, K. (2015). Ratter review : “Tense and at times traumatising”. [online] The Hollywood News. Available at: [Accessed 17 Oct. 2016].


5 thoughts on “Is there danger in the internet of things?

  1. Jess.Polak says:

    I think that the development of the Internet of Things comes down to the debate of efficiency versus danger, however it seems that we’re more focused on making things easier first when we should really be working on both these concepts together. I’m quite interest in virtual reality and feel like it’s a technology that can be utilized in many ways, not just as a gaming device. For training (in terms of customer service, driving and even for surgery), virtual reality has the potential to bring a safe way to learn certain activities. However, like the following article shows, VR must first overcome a few problems:

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  2. aidanhenson says:

    Sweet post. I really like the skepticism, I generally forget to look for the possible downsides of IoT developments. If I were to suggest anything, I would say that maybe you could elaborate a bit further on the specifics of the positives regarding the implementation of the IoT, especially the possible improvements to infrastructure and logistics. For example, how live traffic monitoring could possibly allow automated systems to redistribute traffic to the most efficient routes through a city and the like. I’ll link in a blog that I read a while ago that did the whol pro/con evaluation pretty well. Anyway, thanks for your post

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  3. iamtaylorbruno says:

    I think as smart devices further develop (which they will) we will have to be more and more careful about our own privacy. But I also think privacy on the internet isn’t something people really give that much thought to – just think about how often you willingly input your details onto social media websites, or how often you input your bank details to make purchases. I haven’t seen Ratter but I want to! And not to put you off anymore but I found this article about webcam hacking you might find interesting


  4. cedarsalad says:

    Great post overall. I liked the way you talked about the security of iot, this is something that I myself hadn’t really thought of. It would have been cool if you had included some more links within your writing to make it a little more interactive. 🙂


  5. serenabuckley says:

    Hey lily,
    I like that you kept it short and directly to the point. Its scary how technology is taking over our lives. When you mentioned your comment about having your xbox camera tapped over I immediately thought of Mark Zuckerberg and the reveal of his laptop being completely censored. If you were wanting to focus on this matter further you should check out this article.

    I personally believe that with the increase of hacktivist groups and the ongoing tension across the world its important for us to be protecting ourselves even if it seems drastic… Better safe than sorry!
    I even get creeped out when I get into my car and Siri knows where I am headed just through repetition. Have you ever gotten into your car and it says “X amount of time to X location?”


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