Cybercrime – the biggest issue?

“The dark side” sounds so daunting, and maybe it is. The hackers that work in the same paradigm as resistance hacktivists also seek to victimise everyday people through cybercrime and hacking. Our parents weren’t being irrational when they said that anyone can find our personal information out through the internet – and this becomes especially true when we sign up to social media sites and it becomes a matter of finding out a simple password.

Though on the grander scheme of things, cybercrime can become a huge issue in society. The dark fiber movement doesn’t seek to act with societies best interest at heart – these hackers seek to hold power over people instead. Some even have the power to create an online war, which is defined as ‘cyberwar’ and there is no way to stop all of this, these hackers will continue to find gaps in people and organisation’s security system’s in order to gain power and even money. This is currently a concern in the U.S government, as the upcoming presidential election could be leaked – and may incite war in the long run. It makes you really question, how safe is our information online – who has the ability to reach our details?


F. BANZHAF III, P. (2016). WARNING — This Presidential Election Could Be Hacked, Perhaps by a Foreign Power. [online] Breitbart. Available at: [Accessed 17 Oct. 2016].



9 thoughts on “Cybercrime – the biggest issue?

  1. maxclement98 says:

    Cybercrime is a fascinating topic, which is also increasingly prevalent. It’s an incredibly frightening thought, that someone can absolute destroy someone’s life, simply from behind a computer screen. I really enjoyed reading your post concerning this issue. I would have suggested, however, that you focused on a specific aspect of cybercrime, as a narrower focus would have made it much more interesting.

    Great job though 🙂

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  2. iamtaylorbruno says:

    I like how you’ve mentioned that hackers seek to hold power over people – that is one of the main reasons I can think of for engaging in hacking behaviours. Thus, as you’ve mentioned, we need to be super careful of what we share online.

    I also think it will be very interesting to see how the US election pans out.

    Here is a link to a list of large scale cyber attacks from around the world, you might find it interesting


  3. aidanhenson says:

    Noice memeology.
    While I agree that there is always risk simply by maintaining any online presence, for the average citizen of the web I don’t think we have too much to worry about individually. Instead, I think that those at greatest threat are the organisations and companies that handle out most sensitive data, specifically banks and government institutions. In my (very uneducated ) opinion, the way towards safer internet use is the responsible and rational management of these relationships on the user end.

    It was interesting that you mentioned large scale cyber war instigated by lone agents. Recently a hacker collective supposedly stole some cyber weapons from the NSA and is auctioning them off to the highest bidder. It doesn’t get much more frighteningly real than that.

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  4. Clare says:

    Great blog post, I really like how you’ve involved the hackers into your post by engaging them with some cybercrime and when it comes down to it as well cyberbullying! I really like the way you involved what our parents would always tell us because it is 100% totally true. With this weeks topic I choose to focus more on cyberwar and the US election, why/ Because that is all the US election seems to be and it is spreading like wild fire! Here is what I found really interesting if you would like to further your knowledge a little more as well!


  5. Noelle says:

    Really great post! I like how you’ve explained cybercrime in a positive and negative way. By comparing hackers to hacktivist it really shows some people use hacking for good and others just want power and money over others. I think everyone can agree that hacktivist like the group Anonymous are very different from hackers who seek our private information for power or financial gain. Overall, you’ve written a really good post and your meme is very funny!


  6. annabelleclifford says:

    It is super worrying to think about who is accessing our information online. You make some interesting points from the lecture content. Perhaps some examples and hyperlinks could be useful to further explain your point. But a well written post!


  7. briana says:

    It’s such a scary thought that someone could easily access all the information about me. Like you said our parents weren’t being irrational they were trying to protect us and our privacy. We see it with celebrities that hackers will hold the information over them to get something in return.


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