Project prototype, a new hope.


Image my own, project prototype 2016.

Reflecting on my work allows me to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in my project, which further gives me the ability to focus on adapting the work to reach it’s full potential in engaging an audience. With my project prototype presentation, I was able to take note of anything that wasn’t quite working as expected, as well as focus on the audience’s perceptions of my prototype to determine what was achieving the best responses.

My project is influenced by the work of Jaki Middleton and David Lawrey, in particular their piece, ‘Consolidated Life.’ The ‘small world’ point of focus in the structural piece inspired me, and how it encouraged the audience to interact by looking forward into the plastic windows of what was represented to be a small building. The work probes an audience’s curiosity as they want to look inside and see what the concealed walls and plastic windows hide. The piece by Lawrey and Middleton is described as being, “a metaphor for all things immense and significant.”(Lawrey and Middleton, 2010) During the brainstorming for my own work, I have decided to use the opposite approach to this description. By focusing on what is ‘significant,’ in the world today, I have included pop culture references and electricity into my project.

The movie Star Wars, written by George Lucas was first shown in 1977 and was validated and watched by varieties of people during that time. This was despite the saga being directed at the demographic of sci-fi enthusiasts. The original movie – which I have incorporated into my project as a scene – was selected as a film for preservation in the U.S national film registry.  (, n.d.) The movie requirements for this award were to be, “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.” The Saga has proved to be all three over the decades, as it has been appropriated, mocked and referenced in pop culture entertainment many times. (Campbell, 2015)

My focus throughout the creation of this prototype was to create an aesthetically engaging, interactive ‘cabinet of curiosity.’ To do this, I incorporated elements of pop culture with the use of Star Wars scenes, remade into a mini diorama version. I have included the use of electricity with a miniature fan and led lights, as the twinkle of the led lights was used to encourage intrigue amongst the audience, and the fan was intended to stir the sand around in the diorama, which the audience would see upon a closer look. The lights proved to work accordingly, however the fan and the sand needed improvements, which were mentioned in my feedback during my presentation.

The feedback I received was not as I expected it to be, as the project wasn’t as completed, as I preferred. However, I took note of the fact that my use of Star Wars was popular among the audience, and a point of entertainment for my peers. This was the purpose of the Star Wars inclusion, to incite excitement and interest. Followed by my suggestion that I incorporate other films into my other dioramas, the more popular opinion was to keep up the theme of Star Wars and incorporate some music if I felt as though it would build up the work. This is something I still have to consider, as I need to focus on keeping up the intrigue. Through critically analysing my work, the audience and suggestions proposed to me, I am able to focus on the strengths and the weaknesses of my prototype. I am now able to build on these to enhance the presentation of my final project and ensure it reaches the desired audience satisfaction through my further efforts.



Campbell, C. (2015). All the Ways ‘Star Wars’ Has Influenced Pop Culture More Than Anything Else. [online] Fandango. Available at: [Accessed 10 Oct. 2016].

Lawrey, D. and Middleton, J. (2016). Consolidated Life, David Lawrey & Jaki Middleton. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Oct. 2016]. (n.d.). U.S. National Film Registry — Titles. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Oct. 2016].



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