I’ll admit, when I heard about Galaxy 7

explosions from the phones being dodgy, it raised my ‘I told you so’ eyebrows in the direction of these users who dared to use something other than Apple. I’m not going to say I’m not biased, because I’d spent my first big pay check on a new MacBook and a new iPhone, despite my Android using boyfriend telling me I didn’t need a MacBook just to fit in with all the other lit up apples in the lecture theatre. (For the record, this wasn’t the reason, and he’s since converted to the MacBook and Apple himself.) What are the pro’s and the con’s for Apple and Android? Aside from my obvious preference for Apple, it does have a ‘closed source’ operating system, and as the name suggests, it means that people cannot add their own sources and apps to the IOS system, and Apple must have approved anything that you come across on the app store first.

This is unlike the Android operating system, which allows more of an open platform for it’s users, and the system can be seen as having more ‘freedom’ with the systems and apps. Users can contribute their own apps to the store without it being so heavily approved first. To me, Android having such freedom is a con – because while I like to work with operating systems and like to think I know what I’m doing, some people may not and I don’t like the idea of things being user-operated as opposed to operated by the main curators such as Apple. I can understand why Android’s platform could be more popular, as it is less restricted and offers users creativity with their systems. Though personally I prefer Apple’s cleaner looking systems, and how it is already organised for me.


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2 thoughts on “iOS VS ANDROID

  1. georgoconnor says:

    I found your blog highly refreshing as you used this weeks content in a way that reflects your own opinion. I think it was beneficial to use your own experiences to put forward why you think one software is better than the other. I think your meme reflected this as it directly correlated with your opinions put forward in the blog.

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  2. Noelle says:

    I totally agree with your post! When I heard about the Galaxy 7 devices exploding I couldn’t help but be happy that I own Apple devices. I too like Apples ‘cleaner’ looking systems and would rather have it organised already and also a ‘safer’ operating system. I like how you used yourself and your boyfriend’s experiences with these devices and that you actually converted him to Apple products! Your meme was good and suited well with your biased but not so biased post. I would recommend having a look at this link, it compares both products and shows the features for each device.


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