Week 6: The feudalisation of the internet.


I was surprised to read that our social media feed can be the biggest threat to democracies, as the Internet is becoming much more feudalised. ‘Walled gardens’ are used to regulate people from accessing certain things online, and these ISPS that block use from accessing these gardens – stopping our free reign to access information on the Internet. This is known as Cyber-Libertarianism, the idea that individuals should be able to pursue whatever they wish to see online. The walled gardens are a form of online regulation, and the most popular online sites such as Facebook use these to have reign over what we see online.

The first thought that came to mind when I was trying to understand the term walled gardens, was when I was in high school and all I was able to do was watch Youtube in class and if we were extremely lucky, someone would find a password that would be shared around the entire year so we could access Facebook until the password was changed. This memory reminds me of the way that walled gardens work, by stopping online users from accessing information online, whether it be important or simply just a music video that isn’t accessible in Australia – walled gardens have the power.


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