Week 4

There is a constant flow of information nowadays, especially online – which leaves consumers of the internet and it’s many applications to undergo the ‘chronic task of sorting information.’ This is described as the best way to explain what liquid labour stands for. We are constantly sorting through information and finding new things to read while we are probably supposed to be learning or looking at something else. For example, just as I was watching the lectures to write this blog post, I was also catching up on the news of the day on both daily mail and Cosmopolitan (which interestingly enough I read the online version more than my monthly magazine subscription).

I’m always undergoing a chronic task of sorting through whether my waitressing job is more important than my online schooling tasks; it should be easy! But because of this I’m more open to the idea of liquid labour, the knowledge of being able to freelance work from home at my own pace and with new jobs popping up after every new advance in technology, this idea is becoming more and more of a potential reality. One day, I might take this knowledge that I can work from home and put it to use instead of working in industrial production or an office job, even if this does mean a ‘presence bleed’ which describes the blur between private lives and ‘work lives’. This is how the future of the new age is looking, at least – the idea of working and making money online through liquid labour isn’t one that is particularly ‘scary’ it is just a lot more different than what a lot of people grew up imagining a career to be like. Take me for example, as I thoroughly wanted to work in magazine journalism and after going to University I’ve used my knowledge of the decline in print journalism to change my goals to a media based career instead – something that is constantly changing.


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image source: here 


Cosley, John. “The Future Is Intelligent Advertising“. Search Engine Land. N.p., 2015. Web. 19 Aug. 2016.


One thought on “Week 4

  1. Sam Hazeldine says:

    Love your blog layout, so crisp.
    I can’t particularly relate to the lifestyle magazines’ examples but i do think you’ve encapsulated all the concepts of the Liquid Labour lecture well and i totally can relate to getting distracted sorting through various feeds when i should be listening to Youtube and our beloved leader’s soothing voice.
    I also want to add that you probably made the right call by applying your knowledge to alter your career path, overall a great post.
    //giphy.com/embed/u7hjTwuewz3Gwvia GIPHY


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