Wanna cyber?

This week’s topic was based upon cyberspace as well as the centralisation of distributed networks. So what is cyberspace? It was initially an idea coined by William Gibson that focuses on the idea that humans are moving into a ‘virtual reality,’ and how we are all connected through the Internet. Within the borders of the Internet, people are exposed to a lot of new and undiscovered information, ‘thought, nothing but thought.’ Whereas cyberpunk involves the way in which we interact in this virtual reality that is the Internet by separating our mind and body.

The idea of virtual reality and being involved in one is becoming more and more popular, for example – when I was younger I used to play Habbo Hotel, an online virtual reality where you could create avatars and interact with other teenagers from around the world as an interactive experience. It was as though you were physically in the space of the ‘hotel’ with them through your avatars. Much like this, the virtual reality dating site IMVU was also an interactive virtual reality through avatars, and age restrictive to 18+ – which was obviously something I went around when I was younger in order to see what the hype was about, even back then people were excited about virtual lives and virtual reality!


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5 thoughts on “Wanna cyber?

  1. iamtaylorbruno says:

    It seems as though as time progress, the line between humanity and technology keeps blurring. Just look at the invention of virtual reality glasses for example, which allow users to become part of a game or movie and feel like they are actually there. This article explores the long term effects of using virtual reality glasses: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/mar/19/long-term-effects-of-virtual-reality-use-need-more-research-say-scientists. You might find it interesting!

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  2. annabelleclifford says:

    Hi lily
    How interesting I have never heard of ‘Habbo Hotel’, though I am assuming it is much like the Sims. I 100% agree that humans are moving more and more into a virtual reality because of the incessant need we have to always be on our phones and ‘connected’. Virtual realities still seem kind of strange to me, nevertheless they seem super popular and all those dating apps are a testament!


  3. Clare says:

    This is a good blog post and I really like how you’ve used your own experiences to really bring it back to personal reality and bring back similar memories that others may have.
    Although in my personal opinion I think this post could have gained some information within how cyberpunks play a role into a utopian society within the internet and how human and technology worlds can differ so much. It was great to see the links explaining how the cyberspace works and what it is but then I would like to see more about how the cyber-utopianism is changing and how you as an individual can change it. Here’s a link on cyberpunks that i think you may be interested in! http://project.cyberpunk.ru/idb/cyberpunk_manifesto.html


  4. georgoconnor says:

    I really liked your examples of your own interaction or existence within cyberspace as I have never been much of a gamer and I had never heard of a virtual reality dating site until I read your post. The notion of a virtual reality is quite polarising for people as many view this behaviour as increasingly anti-social. However the way you describe Habbo Hotel and IMVU it seems that cyberspace is providing liberation to individuals and their respective social endeavours. What is your take on this?


  5. serenabuckley says:

    Hey Lily,
    You raised some really valid points which make me question our future and what direction we are heading towards. You’re meme made me laugh as it reminded me of the child hood virtual reality game “Club Penguin.” If you were planning on expanding your discussion this may be another example you could include.


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