What’s happening in the world?

The Telegraph was a huge change in the technological world & the beginning of the Internet, it was the beginning of transferring messages through technology instead of through letters or face to face. This change was a lot easier to communicate with, however pricey and quite slow, especially in comparison to now. Understandably, it would be hard for today’s society to go back to using the telegraph to send messages. There aren’t many who don’t go a week without sending some sort of message or post online. Imagine doing that through a telegraph instead? It would hardly be worth the effort.

People post something online because it’s quick and gets a message across instantly. However, people may not consider whether their words hold the entire truth, or any potential repercussions to what they put online if what they say is not the truth. People became interested in what was happening all over the world that they would wouldn’t have known about without the invention. The Internet is the same but more efficient. For example, you can facetime with your friend while they are overseas and see what is happening. The idea of ‘now’ is a concept that is all too familiar amongst people with technology; we expect everything to be immediate – especially online.




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