ring a ring a rosey from Lily on Vimeo.

The moving image piece I have created was based upon my own sound recording. My aim for the initial sound recording was to create an uncomfortable and slightly terrorising collection of sounds to convey how I personally felt exploring the streets of Fairy Meadow at night. I allowed through both my sound recording and my visual images room for interpretation. I based my moving image piece off Fiona Hall’s ‘England,’ as I attempted to capture two innocent children playing together in fields, however it could be portrayed to be something darker as the afternoon progresses and it gets darker just as it was when I was recording in area 11 of Fairy Meadow. The sound recording correlates with the images in the way I have created an increasing discomfort and agitation in both. The images themselves can nearly be portrayed as anything, though with the sound recording it can simply be seen as two children racing against the darkness to get home in time.


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