Due to working primarily as a barista since I first started working when I was sixteen, I have always been interested in coffee; mostly the way people interact with it. Therefore, it was almost second nature for me to decide on my research question and revolve it around coffee because I am familiar with it. I’m quite aware of what coffee types are most popular, what is most ordered and I have a general average idea of how much customers collectively spent on coffee per day. Though what I’m not so knowledgeable and would like to be more so of, is the question of, are students actually aware how much they spend on takeaway coffee at University? Have they actually calculated these prices? Or do they simply not feel bothered by these spending’s? My original plan for this research was to mainly focus on the responses of my surveys and write my research report based on these – as I figured I would have varied responses.

Though my responses were mostly very similar excluding the final few which had a lot of contradictions; I will focus on these in my research report also. Due to these responses not being as dense as I thought they might be, I have decided it is important for me to do a focus group. I have been conducting these online through group Facebook chats – though I don’t have nearly enough participants as I hoped I would, so it is proving to be a struggle to collate these responses and write my report in a timely manner. My focus group delves deeper and aims to focus and gain knowledge on the psychological part of my research, which I feel as though the questions very simply prompt.

A struggle I have already found through online responses is that the feedback isn’t nearly as long or as in-depth as I’d like it to be. This is a time constraint issue I have that I have to work around, as I have no other option but to do focus groups online. Due to this, I have begun searching for more responders to answer my five focus group questions for me so I can hopefully gather more detailed responses to the psychological and emotional part of my research. I will be analysing my responses for the survey questions over the next few days to include in my research report, as well as looking over and deciphering the answers to my focus group questions – though I am still looking for more University students who drink takeaway coffee regularly to answer for me. If you fit these criteria and would like to offer your time, please do not hesitate in leaving a comment or sending me a tweet (lilykmcgregor) and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you.


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