Spacial portrait – Meda101 Assessment 2.


The audio snapshot created by Mia was, as stated, intended to capture the sounds of an afternoon by the sea. I used this as inspiration and as I discovered through the sound recording, the area of the beach was peaceful and calming. Though there was the occasional contrasting ‘uproar’ of different noises – generally coming from places other than the natural surroundings; such as music and the sounds of speaking. The serenity of this piece is what intrigued me to do my photographing in the area, and I wanted to try and convey this through a spacial portrait. The tone of the snapshot started off calm, and somewhat soothing – though just like it would seem after a long day relaxing by the sea it speeds up toward the end – as though capturing someone leaving.

I took in sounds that were the most prominent to photograph, as well as the somewhat ‘minor’ sounds that didn’t stand out as much. The sounds of waves were the most clear, as well as water from a tap so I made sure I incorporated these. However the man-made sounds were the most puzzling to me, and it took me a while to find away to interpret these sounds to still-image while still creating an impact on the audience. I intended to offer the peaceful fondness I got when listening to the snapshot though simple man-made objects placed along the beach as well as the things that were already there.

(See the larger images below.)



4 thoughts on “Spacial portrait – Meda101 Assessment 2.

  1. Mia Majstorovic says:

    It’s Mia here, the person who did the sound piece haha.I just received a little notification that some one linked my post on their own and had to check out what was posted. Can I just say that your photo’s are amazing and do so much justice to the clip! This is every thing and so much more that I would have imagined as an outcome for potential images. Love all of the photo’s, and thank you so much again for making my audio clip really come alive! 🙂


    • lilykmcgregor says:

      Hey! Thank you so much, the sound piece was so peaceful I had to use that one!! I was actually meaning to message you beforehand and ask where your area was but I completely forgot! Thank you again 🙂


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