Area 11.

I used and found many familiar and unfamiliar to contribute to the area I was assigned in Fairy Meadow (11), such as keys, a car engine, walking sounds, and animal noises – such as a dog’s bark or bird squawks. Through distortion of these noises through different effects, for example – using echoes or increasing the tempo, I changed man-made and familiar sounds, into noises that seemed somewhat robotic or mechanical. Decreasing the speed of a bird’s ‘squawk’ made it sound much less high-pitched, and more haunting to suit the cold and dark night. The location in Fairy Meadow was a mixture of residential and commercial areas, as well as the highway; I opted to explore the quieter streets, and record the sounds of the area at dusk. I discovered these streets contrasted against the sounds of the busy highway exceedingly. The sound of an engine toward the end of the recording – for example – seemed foreign in the quieter streets, whereas they would be ordinary on the highway.



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