Artist’s statement


The concept of my artwork is to show my personal insight into the effects that social media platforms – In particular, Instagram – has on people’s self-image and self-esteem. With the block letters I have formed the words, “like me.” The purpose of this is to coincide with my projection of repeated images from my personal Instagram, and show my understanding of what the social media platform is. I have shown my raw feelings in an obvious way by showing that my images intend to be ‘liked,’ or ‘accepted’ by any audience, with the words ‘like me’ bold and central to my work. I have made my images visible to an audience on repetition to be judged, watched and to draw attention to my work. The letters are three dimensional, large and overlayed on top of my projection to portray the underlying message of my images on social media along with the purpose of them. My work was intended to be somewhat confronting to the audience, to show the obvious anguish and desire that comes with attempting to be ‘liked’ by people online.


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