Computer coding exercise. MEDA102.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.42.44 pm Nees_Mikadospielhaufen

During the process of creating this sketch, my central focus was on the artwork Mikadospielhaufen, by Georg Nees (1969). His artwork as pictured, which I appropriated was made to resemble ‘pick up sticks’, or matches. These works were shown in the first tutorial where we begun our sketches, and I found it was a simple yet intriguing work to incorporate and use alongside my own or as a base. I changed the background of the image to a bright pink as I felt it was more aesthetically pleasing after I had place the large, transparent circle in the centre of the sketch. The transparent circle is intended to create a main focus in the sketch and draw attention to the circle. Through layering and placement of the circle and some retouching I made it opaque and designed it so there were no lines of interference in the ellipse, creating somewhat a contrast. The sketch was intended to be both complex and simple all at once, however aesthetically I have taken note from the artwork by Georg Nees, which doesn’t require a lot of complexity in the final appearance, though is layered with processing in order to create the ‘simple’ aesthetic. Through the changes I have made in attempt to contemporise and appropriate Georg Nee’s, ‘Mikadospielhaufen’ I feel as though I have made it more appealing to the immediate view through a pop of colour and central ellipse.


void setup() {
size(800,600); // size of the canvas
background(220, 90, 120); // colour of the background, it is pink.
noLoop(); // only call draw() once, only repeat once


void draw() {
// noFill(); // makes the image transparent
// the density of the strokes

for (int x = 0; x < 1000; x = x + 1) {

// strokeWeight(random(2));
//randomises the strokes all over the page.
stroke(0); // thickness
line( (int)random(800) + 40, (int)random(600) + 30, (int)random(800), (int)random(600)); // makes the lengths of the lines and where they go.

noStroke(); // creates the circle with no lines through it.
fill(255, 100); // makes the circle transparent
ellipse(400,300,400,400); // creates a circle


// reference, artwork based off, “Georg Nees Mikadospielhaufen, 1969”


Artwork, “Georg Nees Mikadospielhaufen, 1969”


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