Update: new tattoo and new bedroom inspo.




Considering the upcoming, ‘bloggies’ and myself being a sucker for awards, I decided to give a quick update on my blog. I’m missing posting on this weekly! Anyway, the top tattoo is not mine – I wish something like that would be accepted into careers at my age! Instead I got the serotonin chemical compound symbol in the same place, just smaller than the one picture. I’m an absolute tattoo lover, so I can’t wait to get my career established one day so I can cover myself.

Even more excitingly, I went to Ikea the other day and spent a solid 3 hours there looking for bedroom inspo that I’m yet to buy (I need more space than just my bedroom to decorate.) I bought two new drawers and some desk decor, still wanting so much more. I’ve posted two images of what I’m feeling for my bedroom’s decoration lately.

Anyway, boring post but I felt inactive on here as I only do Bcm110 this semester, so here – have a post.


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