Just one more scroll through…

Picture this, you wake up after your Iphone alarm sounds for the third time that morning – and yes, you need three alarms because you were up until midnight last night scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and your 7am alarm is already warning you you’ve slept through your 6am one. Though before you get up and rush to get ready, you’ll check Instagram once more, maybe a ‘fear of missing out’, maybe you’re just lazy and procrastination is second nature. My point here is that social media is an incredibly prominent aspect of most people’s daily lifestyle.

The above scenario, was me this morning. Without even thinking, you might have a tab open with Facebook on right now, and I know I do. Though do we really know who controls all of these media outlets we are so absentmindedly addicted to? Does it even really matter? My opinion is no, though of course – it’s subjective. I have no idea who owns the majority of media websites. The issue at point here however, is how much are people willing to share with these media stakeholders who have all this access to our information through Facebook, Twitter and other media outlets?

Speaking for myself, I am not entirely worried about who ‘owns’ the media and how much these individuals have access to my information, only because I don’t post what I know could be found – no matter what. Though I know not everyone is as cautious as myself, therefore, the owners of the media could be a potential issue. The media is primarily a way for people to encode and decode their messages through various technological outlets through applications owned by millionaire stakeholders such as, Rupert Murdoch, Gina Rhineheart, etc.

Another issue that may arise for those who are genuinely concerned for who ‘owns’ the media could be how reliable our news sources are if the majority of Australia’s news websites and newspapers are all controlled and owned by the one person, who undeniably has the say of what is put out there for the world to know via these media outlets – and what is kept back, due to publicity reasons or whatever other issues may arise. Now that I think about it, it does seem concerning. It really does make you think about what you post online and what you see others have posted online. How much control do we really have and how much do these owners of the media have?

For example, in 2015, the world’s most popular media owner creates no content for the website, Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate, and Uber – the world’s largest known taxi company owns no vehicles. (startupvideo.net, 2015) So despite the image social media owners have of this almighty ‘power’ over the internet and the media, hoe much do they really control, and does it really matter all that much whether they have a say in what you can and cannot post on Facebook? I’m not so sure.



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