“Stupid first years, again.”

I’ve always been an incredibly organised person who never liked to have surprises, educational or not. Everything has to be laid out in front of me and planned weeks in advance. That is why the subject outline for my university subjects each session is, and will continue to be my ‘bible’. It’s quite different to High School – which I’m fresh out of just last year – in the aspect that we aren’t at all told what we need to have done and by which date. I’m sure this would be quite scary for people who aren’t used to having their lives planned out, so this is definitely a considerable change I’ll have to adapt myself to. I’m not a driver myself, though I’m used to getting the bus free to school (only one bus, might I mention.) Now that I’ve started Uni, I have to catch two buses to and from each day and I have to pay! Not that it’s much money at all, but I do quite miss having one bus on a free fare. I’m glad I’m not one of those people that have to drive down 2 hours and pay tonnes for parking! One other trivial thing I’ve picked up on is the people who are in their second or third years, (which quite reminded me of high school, post year 7) who talk purposely loudly about the, ‘stupid first years.’ I feel like I’m in year seven again!

Although a lot of small things have changed – another being that I will actually love every minute of University, as I’m not being forced into a subject I despise! – University is incredibly different for me, having come from a public high school. I’ve grown used to not having to pay for anything at all, and now I’m at University the costs are endless (not failing to mention the whopping hex debt I’ll gain.) Of course, I love the experience at hand and the costs are inevitable but worth all of it. The lectures I couldn’t wait to start, however. I will thoroughly enjoy the fact that they speak as though everyone is on the same learning level as everyone should keep up to speed. It’s different to high school in that way, as I was constantly waiting around for the teacher to continuously explain during the classes to people who hadn’t been listening, what the topic was about.

I enjoy helping people to study as well, so the tutorials and Peer assisted study sessions are indefinitely something to look forward to about Uni, as it’s something I’ve never had access to before. I love that the learning atmosphere is such a ‘community.’ It will also take me a while to get over my excitement about the fact that we can choose our timetable set up to an extent. Hello three day weekend! Ultimately I aim to get the best out of everything university offers to me whether educational or socially, and both have proven to be fantastic already!


5 thoughts on ““Stupid first years, again.”

  1. georgiagemc says:

    Although I am a second year, I can relate to this! I love having everything organised and planned for the week and yes, the subject outlines are a bible!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time at uni 🙂


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