Hospitality industy crazies, I like it.

If you’ve ever worked in the hospitality industry yourself and don’t love surrounding yourself with work by the likes of serving people hot or cold beverages and food and cleaning up people’s junk – and you don’t love the industry yourself – I’m sure you’d understand why you think I’m insane. I love my early shifts working in a cafe, and even my 11pm to 3am shifts as a bartender – sans sleep and social life. I’m just one of those weirdos that love to work. To the point though, I found this article relevant to me, and even if you’re not ‘dating a bartender,’ It’s still an interesting read – welcome to my life. clicky clicky*

Especially these points.

1. We will pay for most things in cash. – I’m never short of a $2 coin, ask me for a note though and zilch. You should see my coffee fund coin stash in my bag, it weighs a tonne and a half.

2. Romantic weekends away will never be a thing. – Feel free to pick me up at 3am though, oops.

3. We wear a lot of black.

*Article source:


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