I’m just gunna say, as much as I absolutely adore the whole ‘put there for the meantime, but you also look good so you can stay for aesthetic purposes’ kinda interior look and wish I could pull it off without being an absolute need-to-be-organised stress head, I would.* I’ve managed to move around three entire bedrooms, decorate them and somehow feel slightly relaxed about it all as I sit here on my bed (mind you, which I kindly forced my way too kind boyfriend to bring over asap, just because I needed to have it sorted out. Bless him.) Whilst I still have so much to worry about (They HAD to make a new textbook edition the year I become a first year in the class, no second hands for me, dammit.)


*This is the look I am referring to, If I make no sense at all, which is entirely understandable.

*all images from tumblr.com


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