Stay weird.

I’m Lily McGregor, from Wollongong primarily, but also all over the place. I’ve moved over 25 times and can pretty much pack my entire bedroom up in an hour. No – literally, I had to do it a week ago, I’m a professional renter! I will hopefully major in Marketing and Advertising (Public Relations), whilst encouraging myself to gain further intelligence in writing, too! I’m studying Bachelor of Arts – (Sociology) and Bachelor of Media and Communications in 2015 (Majoring in Advertising and Marketing with a PR minor) Though also doing journalism and creative arts subjects, you’ll probably see me around! I’m eighteen years old and always wanting to keep myself busy with something, hence the dozens of different classes. I’m also probably one of the most annoyingly organised person you’ll ever meet, but it does come in handy sometimes! I would absolutely love to branch off into interior design or magazine editing somewhere along my life, so we will see – I definitely need to do something with this interest other than changing my bedroom (and everybody else I knows bedroom) around every week. There’s way too much I’m passionate about to write here in this paragraph, otherwise it would turn into a novel – but you will find out all about me soon enough if you stay tuned.


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